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Ayr solicitors' practical Christmas present

Free new online database will answer legal questions

Ayr solicitors Frazer Coogans have given an interesting and extremely practical Christmas present both to their clients and to non-clients alike.

Frazer Coogans now have up and running on their website at a comprehensive user-friendly legal database designed to answer all those niggling questions you may have about the law that do not necessarily justify the expense of going to see a solicitor.

Whether we are always conscious of it or not, the law affects practically every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave. We are required to register all births and deaths, and decisions we make during our lifetime including jobs, marriage and buying our own home are all subject to legal contracts. The law governs our relationships with other people, and is the foundation upon which a civilised democratic society is based.

This being the case, it would be surprising if, from time to time, questions involving the law did not occur to us to which we did not immediately know the answer. And worse still, we might not know where to look to find the answer, especially if there was no urgent need to consult a solicitor straightaway.

For instance: "I think the meter reading used to calculate my electricity bill is wrong. What can I do about it?"

Or: "If I am accused of a motoring offence, am I obliged to give my name as the driver at the relevant time?

If you are an employer: "What are the basic issues to be aware of in relation to Age Discrimination?"

And a final example: "What type of legal work does Legal Aid cover?"

Until recently, finding authoritative information about these varied topics would have been frustrating and time-consuming. But now help is at hand - at the click of a mouse.

There is now an online legal database accessible free-of-charge from your own home or office computer that will answer most of the legal questions that you are likely to want to ask it.

The concept of an online source of Scots law sounds like a database comprising downloads of dusty legal tracts with arcane references to case law - but nothing could be further from the truth.

One of the best things about it is that it is extremely user-friendly, and you need absolutely no prior legal knowledge or expertise in order to be able to use it.

You start with a question, which the system then categorises into a relevant area of law, and then comes back with digestible chunks of pertinent legal information, written in plain English.

You can ask your question in your own words, and the database's powerful search engine will be able to come up with the relevant information you require.

Information on all aspects of Scots law can be accessed, ranging from family law through to the legislative procedure of the Scottish Parliament.

Ayr Solicitors Frazer Coogans are pleased that the new legal database is now available free on their website

Especially as they are the first firm of solicitors to offer this free new service in Ayrshire.

When you next need some legal information or the answer to a legal question, simply scroll down the menu on the left hand side of the Frazer Coogans website front page. Click "legal info", and when you get to that page, if you are a first-time user, click "register".

You will be asked to choose a User Name and a password for yourself, and to provide your name and e-mail address. This takes only a couple of minutes, and then you can proceed to "Search for content" and key in your question.

Frazer Coogans Solicitors senior director Norman Geddes said today: "You do not need to be an existing client of Frazer Coogans in order to make use of this service, but if it is legal advice you need rather than factual information, then you will need to consult a solicitor as well."



Ayrshire solicitors Frazer Coogans have expanded rapidly from small beginnings in the 1980s to offer a friendly and personal service to all clients from their modern premises in Ayr town centre. From their Ayr base, Norman Geddes, Lauren Fowler and associate Angus Logan - all experienced solicitors - along with their professional and dedicated staff, provide a comprehensive suite of legal services to Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland and the UK, with particular expertise in accident claims, personal injury damages, property conveyancing, divorce and family law, wills, estates and executries.

Frazer Coogans' Ayr office operates a specialist Accident Claims & Personal Injury Damages Centre to assist clients in making claims for personal injury damages after road traffic, workplace, slip and trip accidents and also in criminal injuries compensation. This Ayrshire firm of solicitors has also established a significant presence in Scotland's property conveyancing market, advising clients on all aspects of buying, selling and leasing premises both domestic and commercial, and handling property conveyancing for diverse clients across Scotland.

Scottish divorce and family law is another area in which Frazer Coogans solicitors possess particular expertise, advising on the legal, financial and child related issues associated with divorce, providing negotiation for amicable settlement and undertaking litigation where needed. Frazer Coogans solicitors also offer a professional, dedicated and sympathetic service for wills and estates in the UK, including the administration of estates and appointing Executries.

In 2003 Frazer Coogans successfully attained the "Investors in People" standard.

The firm is fully computerised with Broadband connection. It occupies modern premises in the centre of Ayr with adjacent parking for clients and wheelchair-friendly access.

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